Fast, painless, automatic – words not normally associated with planning a long distance IFR flight in Europe.  FlightPlanPro, a full featured IFR route planning tool, moving from thinking about a destination to a fully planned flight is now just a few minutes work.

FlightPlanPro covers the area from Greenland to Luxor and supports planning in  FIRs and UIRs. The information includes:

•Airway Structure including MEA, MAA and conditional route designation

•Waypoints/navaids that support the enroute airway structure (including

•All aerodromes known to CFMU

•Location data on 10,000 towns within Europe

•The Route Availability Document, accessible as a reference

•The UK Standard Route Document

•An elevation model showing terrain elevation in 3 mile grids

With a few pieces of information, IFR FlightPlanPro generates an airways flight plan (using Directs and altitude changes where necessary) respecting the RAD restrictions.  If you are connected to the internet, this route is validated in real time by CFMU and automatically re-planned.  Using this facility, most airways flight plans can be generated and validated in less than 60 seconds!

Even better, FlightPlanPro is a complete flight planning solution generating -

  1. •A Plog for the route and your alternate - Calculated using the GFS model and your aircraft performance to provide detailed winds aloft for each leg of the flight. 

  2. •A standard ICAO flight plan which can be One Click filed using RocketRoute or printed, faxed or pasted into your online filing service.

  3. •Trip Strips charts that graphically depicts your route along with key IFR details, including intersections, MEAs, and VOR/NDB frequencies

  4. •An ‘Operational Report’ provides a compact 2 column A4 report with METARS and TAFs for departure, destination and alternate along with a full narrow route NOTAM brief (NOTE - This is NOT an authorised source of official Notams) and JAR-OPS fuel reserve and W&B calculations

FlightPlanPro also, provides weather graphics including, freezing levels, cloud tops, cloud density, winds, and precipitation.  These are overlaid on your route and the underlying airways and terrain information.

IFR FlightPlanPro

FlightPlanPro v0.19.13 is now available.  This Beta version is valid through 31 December  2015.  This version is a critical bug fix addressing a crash error on Windows and updating the CFMU module for the post 18 March CFMU syntax.

Download page

An article describing FlightPlanPro has been published in the PPLIR Magazine 

An extended version with all of the chart examples is available for download here.

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